In 2021 we created and led a series of music radio pieces - - aired in the polish internet community radio - Radio Kapitał. For each episode for 12 months we presented our own premiere songs, developed concepts and ideas as unique backgrounds and themes, we crafted sound and art form and directed the work of the whole artistic collective called

In 2020 we brought to life the collaborative project - Remote creation: a mini-album containing a music sample pack of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio legendary tapes - for which we have been given a grant by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The results turned into a guest broadcast on Radio Kapitał.

In 2019 we participated in a competition to remix samples of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, organized by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and The Quietus magazine.

In 2013-2016 we did a series of concerts in avant-garde artistic institutions of the Tri-City metropolitan area.

The band is led by:

Wojciech Unterschuetz - has a sense of dramaturgy and narrative acquired at the Radio and Television Faculty at the University of Silesia, Master of Philosophy at the University of Gdansk.

Piotr Bratoszewski - graduate and former PhD student of Sound and Image Engineering at Gdansk University of Technology.

an-hoer recording studio is located in Gdańsk, Poland.